How to ask for money and keep the client

I think everyone is a little nervous about offending their clients when they ask for payment. The Getting-Paid system was built to help you get paid without offending your clients. We added 5 safeguards to make sure your client's will want to do business with you for years to come. The system :-
  1. Chases money in a way that people are used to. Think about what happens if you miss a payment on your mortgage or credit card. It starts with a polite reminder and gently escalates over time. The Getting-Paid system does the same. People are used to this way of doing things, they don't get upset and the best thing is that they respond well to it.
  2. Stops after the invoice is paid. The system is built so that the invoice will not be chased after you mark it paid.
  3. Lets you see exactly what your client sees. You can change the chasing messages and then send yourself a preview from the 'settings' screen. You also get a copy of every chasing message your client gets so you're always in the loop.
  4. Sends you a reminder 2 days before it chases. The system emails you a list of invoices it's going to chase in two days time. You can mark the invoice paid with one click straight from the email.
  5. Puts the final demand in your hands. We think a final demand notice is a big step and we've made it so it can't be sent accidentally. You have to trigger it from inside the system. It's the one chasing message that doesn't happen automatically.

What our users say

I asked some of our users what they would say to someone who was considering using the system but was worried about offending their clients.

"There's nothing remotely offensive about chasing overdue invoices. We will be using Getting Paid as our standard method of payment chasing for years to come." - Simon Johnson, Johnson Technical Systems Limited (

"I did not notice any negative reaction. I am very pleased with the results." - Pieter Swanepoel, Emos Consulting Engineers (

"If the client is aware of the fact that he needs to pay for the service immediately or on terms negotiated, there is nothing wrong with reminding him." - Marius Pretorius, MP Tax Consultants

"I've been delighted at the response. Absolutely no-one has taken offense and, with few exceptions, those clients who fell into arrears pay when they get the reminder emails and often apologise for their tardiness." - Roy Bregman, Bregmans Attorneys (

"To date I have not found any company not paying due to the 'offending' approach of the system. Rather have the system 'offend' them than me via a telephone!" - Jan Schutte, XPRO Solutions cc

"The system has worked wonderfully for me. It is simple and easy to use, and has had a near 100% success rate for me. My experience is that the clients who have been loaded on your system (and have paid up thanks to it) come back to me for more service and goods.

So, does it work? Hell yes! Well done on a great concept and fantastic product. Thumbs up."
- Andrew Phillips Sales Director - i-TEAM (Pty) Ltd (

"I found that:

(a) I got all the cash in - people who had "forgotten" it were reminded.
(b) Had NO problem from them - I did change the wording to fit in with
my way of doing business, and it went very well.

I don't think anyone will resent being chased up - and those that do are not worth dealing with, anyway!

Using this system is great. I used to send emails with statements attached (if I remembered) - now the clients get a weekly (friendly) reminder which is automatic, and I don't even have to think about it!

It is GREAT!"
- Philip Cooper Phil Cooper Insurance Brokers (
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